What I.C.A.R. Wants to Accomplish

In the field of ufology, there are many points of view, many projects, and a vast cross section of society. Everyone is represented; from religion to politics to serious science-orientated people to genuine full fledged "nutcases." Who possesses the ability, the wisdom, and the motivation to judge all of the characters justly? Who decides who should be heard...and who should be ignored? What is the criteria?

Face it, it’s a task that would challenge any court. It is certainly beyond the ability of any individual to meet and genuinely research every ufologist and determine whether they were "valid" or not. So...someone, or rather something, had to attempt such a monumental task.

While ICAR is certainly not infallible, omnipotent, or "all-knowing", we do have definite goals. Our primary directive is to get to the truth and disseminate it to everyone. With ready access to information, we hope to speed the journey to the truth about UFOs, aliens, and abductions. If it turns out that abductions will be stopped by consuming lettuce on Tuesday evenings at 6 P.M., we will be the first to let you know.

In the meantime, a much more finite goal has been established. A series of interviews has been planned, some carried out, and others are in the process of being scheduled. Some of the interviews may surprise us all...either in a negative or a positive manner. We want to hear what every ufologist has to say, about themselves, about ufology, about where ICAR should go, and what they think is the fastest route to the truth about the entire field.

Maybe you have a "dream list" of people you would like to hear from, to learn more about. If so, please...send the names (and contact information if you have it) to ICAR. We would love to expand our list, and we are working on this project as fast as time and financial constraints allow us to. As you read the articles regarding the interviews, feel free to use the feedback function to let us know what you think, whether its about the interviewer, the article, or the questions asked or the ones we didn't ask. Remember, ICAR is YOUR organization...and your voice needs to be heard as well.

International Community for Alien Research
Focusing on the truth of Alien abduction.

We are the world's premiere Alien abduction and Extraterrestrial contact research organization.
 With thousands of conscious Contactees and tens of thousands of Abductee files, we are dedicated to bringing the truth to the general public about the Extraterrestrial presence, unravelling the mysteries of the Alien agenda and the reality of the abduction experience.
 We offer our dedicated support and understanding to Abductees and Contactees worldwide.

Joe Montaldo is Co-Founder, International Director, and Spokesperson for I.C.A.R. (www.icar1.com)
Originally affiliated with MUFON as an Investigator, Mr. Montaldo became disenchanted with the lack of information being shared with the general public.
His first step in furthering public awareness was establishing a personal website in 1998.

Mr. Montaldo has been featured in newspaper articles, radio talk shows and speaks at area meetings as well as hosting his Wednesday night talk show.
“My future goal is to gain information for I.C.A.R. and share it with the Public. The public needs to understand what is going on with Alien Contact, and exactly what the Alien Agenda is.” -Joe Montaldo

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